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Moodle Reporting - by Moodlers for Moodlers.

Now you don’t have to share your data with a third-party for making reports. Just plugin LearnerScript, the only one of its kind for Moodle LMS made by Moodlers!

  • 4 Admin Dashboards. Teacher and Student roles have independent Dashboards. Customize Dashboards to suit your requirements.

  • Start using LearnerScript with 80+ Pre-configured Reports.

  • Graphs and charts allow you to visualize your analytics.

  • Comparative Analysis using Course Profiles and User Profiles allow for actionable insights.​

  • Configure new reports, widgets and tiles to meet your requirements.

  • Change color schemes to match your branding.



LearnerScript is included in our Moodle PLUS plans!  And we can add it to any existing hosting plan as well.

Example Reporting