About the Moodle US

Elearning Experts is exicted to become part of Moodle US

this summer! We believe this will be a great thing

for you, for us, and for Moodle.  

This acquisition allows for the best of all possible worlds. The EE team will continue under a new name, we'll be joined by some hugely experienced and talented Moodlers.  The same trusted leadership will be at the helm, either in front of or behind the scenes.  As always we stand ready to provide you with the

personal service and accessibiity you've come to know and

expect from our team.

What can my organization expect?

Frequently asked questions

What's changing?

Elearning Experts, a Virginia LLC, will be merged with two other US Moodle Partners - My Learning Consultants and Moonami - to form Moodle US. At this time, we believe Moodle US will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Moodle Pty Ltd, the Perth, Australia based company that "owns" Moodle. All of the team members that comprise Elearning Experts will join the team at Moodle US. Some will have the same roles, others will move into positions that either they've always wanted to be in or which are critical to ensuring that you experience no problems as the companies come together. The new company will be led by Jonathan Moore, a long-time Moodler and Founder of My Learning Consultants. Jonathan and Kathie Robeson, CEO of EE, worked together "back in the day" at Remote-Learner while it was still a Moodle Partner. Elearning Experts is enthusiastic about Jonathan's new leadership role, and Kathie will support him as he gets the new organization off to a great start.

When will this happen?

We anticipate that the sale of all three companies will be completed in June 2021 and that Moodle US will be in place starting July 1, 2021. The actual "merging" of the companies will take 6-12 months as we change some processes (like integrating our business offices and Support Portals) and move some clients to a new, more agile, hosting environment. In short, all the things you might imagine that need to be done when 3 companies become one will need to take place as quickly as possible.

We'll keep you posted on things that will affect you. Our plan is that you will see very little of the backstage work that will emerge as Moodle US.

Who are the companies that will join to form Moodle US?

My Learning Consultants was founded by Jonathan and Michelle Moore of Lenexa, KS in 2014. Both have 15+ years experience with Moodle and in online learning. They've grown a substantial company that focuses on superior customer service and awesome hosting (using their unHosting platform). MLC was named North American Partner of the Year in 2020. “As a pedagogy-focused consultancy, My Learning Consultants is the ideal Moodle Premium Certified Services Partner to deliver this certification to teachers, trainers, and faculty in all sectors. ... We know how to bend Moodle to our will to create exceptional online learning experiences across all sectors.” Visit their site at http://mylearningconsultants.com Led by John Porten, Fishers, Indiana based Moonami was founded in 2012 and became a Moodle Partner in 2016. Named Moodle Appreciation Partner of the year in 2020, Moonami serves some of the largest Moodle installations in North America. Moonami provides hosting and support services for Moodle, Moodle Workplace and other leading open-source applications. As an official Moodle Premium Partner, the firm provides a full range of Moodle and Moodle Workplace services including cloud-based hosting, implementation consulting, migration, customization, integration and multi-tier support. Visit their site at https://www.moonami.com

Pricing Increases?

There will be no immediate pricing increases for any clients. If you're new to Elearning Experts, we're already thinking ahead and aligning your Spring 2021 contract to be in alignment with what we expect to provide as Moodle US.

What about Support?

We're ironing out the details now, but know that:
1) There will eventually be a central helpdesk portal for Moodle US. In the meantime, you can continue to raise support issues via our existing portal at https://support.elearningexperts.net
2) Our technical and instructional support teams will get a lot bigger, faster. This means more access to people with a variety of talents.
3) If you have an existing relationship with a member of our support team who knows your site and situation better than anyone else, rest assured they will remain available to either help you directly or consult with any new team member who is assigned an issue you raise.

Will my Hosting Plan change?

Any contract you hold with Elearning Experts LLC will continue until the end of the term of service either through Elearning Experts LLC or Moodle US. We anticipate that by 2022, all of our clients will receive services from the company named Moodle US.

What if I have more questions?

Simply raise a ticket and your question will be referred to EE team member best able to respond. This includes questions you may have for people in the Business Office. https://support.elearningexperts.net/portal/en/signin

What are the benefits to you?

All of Elearning Experts' clients will benefit from expanded technical and instructional design talent. Additionally, our capacity to provide development services will substantially increase! Moodle US will have more direct contact with the teams that write and develop the Moodle code and we'll be able to communicate the needs of Moodle users more quickly to them. Moodle US will have the added financial backing of both Moodle Pty Ltd and the organization that helps support them, Education for the Many. In short, the benefits are enormous.

Will service quality/policies change?

Elearning Experts will continue to provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee and there will be no changes to our Service Agreement in terms of response times or other key elements that contribute to our superior customer service experience. Eventually, your hosting and support contracts will be with the new entity, Moodle US, and we anticipate having policy statements from the new company very soon.