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Moodle Educator Certification Program


May 2020

About the NEW MEC

Completely re-designed by Moodle HQ to certify mastery in understanding effective teaching and learning using Moodle. It extends the foundational skills received via Elearning Expert's own training offerings. Designed for higher ed faculty, K-12 teachers, corporate instructors, and trainers, using leading research on digital competency standards to provide educators with knowledge and skills to impact their practice.

Please know that the Moodle Educator Certification Program will not teach you Moodle. It is designed for people who already understand Moodle very well, and want evidence that they use it effectively within their courses.

MEc 2020

  • Develop your skills with 6 modules focused on education-related digital competencies.
  • There is One certification path: Comprehensive (all 6 modules).
  • Actively learn through a series of tutorials and examples guided by a certified Elearning Experts facilitator.
  • Get feedback from our Elearning Experts Facilitator to assist you in completing your learning activities.
  • Earn a badge each time you complete a module then earn a Certificate for completing all 6.
  • Exclusive to Elearning Experts MEC participants! 
  • Receive a Silver MEC pin upon satisfactory completion of your first Module!
  • Receive a Gold MEC pin upon satisfactory completion of the Full Program!
  • *The pins are not official MEC pins from Moodle HQ or any other source, These pins are about celebrating your success and therefore are not branded with Elearning Experts name or logo.* 

Full Certification Path

6 practical and interactive courses that tightly match these six competency categories in DigCompEdu.

The 6 modules this certification covers are:

  • Universal Design

  • Open Content

  • Guiding Learners

  • Teaching Tools

  • Learner Collaboration

  • Assessment Strategy


You complete the lesson, a Quiz and Written Assignment to reflect on your understanding of the lesson. We start off each participant with a "live" Zoom session to provide an orientation and again to wrap up with a final session.

These sessions all participants to fully understand the program and ask questions. These are self-paced modules guided by a facilitator. The Comprehensive Certificate will be awarded once all 6 MEC 2020 modules have been completed. 

Essential information

  • Each MEC module will take approximately 8 hours for you to complete.

  • There is no timeline for completion, but we encourage participants to finish within 2 months.

  • This program is 100% online – you can complete the MEC from wherever you are in the world as long as you have a computer and internet.

  • The course is asynchronous – there is no requirement to be online at a set time.

  • You will have an MEC facilitator+assessor assigned to you at the start.

  • MEC is not suitable for those new to Moodle. You should have used Moodle for AT LEAST a year, and be familiar with main elements such as Activities, Groups, Grade book, Communication tools, and Resources.

What will it cost?

Per Module $100

Complete Certification program $600

MEc complete certification for mecP 2019 holders $200

*An additional 200 EU must be paid to Moodle HQ for your Certificate*

more questions?

More details:

Click on the link below for answers to some frequently asked questions.

Schedule for 2020:

Open Enrollment begins May 2020

Register soon!

Once the program starts in May participants can sign up and begin anytime. The MEC does not have Cohorts - you and sign up whenever the time is right for you!