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What is Moodle?

MOODLE™ allows you to create an amazing online learning environment that is friendly to both your leaners and your instructors. Elearning Experts has always focused on providing solid, low cost hosting services to MOODLE™ users who are looking for competitive pricing and an attentive vendor. At MootUS15 in August, we joined the Moodle Partner network

Sneak Peak at Moodle 3.9 new features!

  • Activity chooser improvements; a new grid layout with multiple tabs, ability to search, the ability to star your most used activities and resources as well as the ability for the admin to set a list of recommended activities and resources.

  • Further H5P integration; the ability to use H5P content types as a Moodle activity, with gradebook integration and activity completion, the ability to create H5P content in Moodle from the new content bank, which also allows searching and editing of H5P content types at a context level.

  • MoodleNet integration; a new plugin has been developed to allow educators to navigate to MoodleNet from the activity chooser and push content from MoodleNet to their Moodle course. MoodleNet will be launched together with Moodle 3.9.

  • More powerful filtering of course participants; the filter on the participants page has been updated to allow combining of multiple filter conditions with logical queries. 

  • Course copy interface; courses can now more easily be copied from a single user interface (rather than separate backup and restore steps) for both teachers and admins.

  • Improved integration of Safe Exam Browser; Safe Exam Browser, previously an experimental setting, can now be enabled and configured from the Quiz settings. This allows a quiz to be taken in a restricted and secure environment controlled by the teacher.

  • Accessibility improvements; a large number of accessibility improvements have been made for the Moodle 3.9 release. These reflect the findings from an external audit of key pages of the Moodle LMS. Where possible these changes were applied across all of Moodle and back-ported. This is part of our ongoing commitment to provide an accessible platform and continuously improving our compliance with WCAG 2.1 Level AA. 

Now in use by over 100 million learners worldwide. MOODLE™ remains the most widely used LMS in the world – and for good reason.  With its massive community base and strong user participation in the support forums (about 9000 users per month contribute on average). MOODLE™  stands at the pinnacle of success in the open source LMS market.

The M in MOODLE™ stands for Modular, and one of the great benefits of MOODLE™ is that if its many standard features aren’t enough for you, you can search over a thousand additional plugins to find what you need!

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