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Important information about the demo site!

There are two different tenants in the demo sites to showcase the functionalities of Moodle Workplace.

The Moodle Workplace demo sites are reset every three hours.

Moodle Workplace Tenant:


A Pharma Publishing company, an internal training and a Moodle Workplace branding.

Click HERE to go to this site.


Users (user / password): 

  • jeanie.hylton / demo
    Allocated into two programs and some courses, several levels of completion.

  • paule.orton / demo
    This user has reporting rights over Jeanie Hylton.

Client Tenant:


The Pharma Publishing company created 3 online courses for them. The client pays licenses for their students. 

Click HERE to go to this Tenant Site


Users (user / password): 

  • perry.lemans / mwpartners
    Allocated into the program,
     having several levels of completion (all, none or partial).