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Elearning Experts is a leading provider of learning and training solutions to education, business, corporate/enterprise, and local/state/federal government agencies.  Founded in 2012, the team at Elearning Experts has over 150 years combined experience in the world’s most popular open source learning management system, Moodle™.  

As a long-standing authorized US Moodle™ Partner and Totara Learn Platinum Solutions Partner, Elearning Experts provides analysis, troubleshooting, consultation, hosting, support, theme support, and custom content creation services to organizations using open source technologies across the world.  


Elearning Experts is highly trusted in the industry, and over 90 percent of our clients operate with us under strict non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. This means it isn't our plan to use your account or information to gain more clients without your consent.

Having provisioned and maintained literally thousands of Moodle™ sites over the years, our depth and breadth of experience with the core code and its evolutions is unparalleled.  Additionally, our team has experience with the vast majority of common integrations, third party add-ons, plugins, and other learning tools which commonly support online learning portals.  

High Tech, Human Touch.

We are among the most knowledgeable and experienced open source LMS service providers. Our high level of customer commitment and ability to consistently and reliably deliver superior services has empowered us in assisting our clients and partners to achieve and often surpass their short and long-term business objectives.  Elearning Experts prides itself on its culture of continuous improvement and is among the few global open source partners to provide core hosting services to other open source partner companies.  

We see our job – our purpose – as helping you understand how an LMS fits into the bigger picture for your organization.  If an LMS is right for you, we ensure that it runs consistently and reliably so your learners have confidence in your online learning initiatives. We offer ongoing training so you stay up-to-date and fresh in your understanding of how your LMS can work for you.  And we offer suggestions and talent as needed to help you improve the quality of your learning activities.

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