• Kera Macfarlane

5 Big Benefits of Small B2B Companies

So, you've been looking for help from another B2B company to help expand your business and skyrocket your goals. Instead of heading straight for the big industry names, consider looking into a smaller company. Why? Scroll down to find the 5 biggest benefits of going small.

Instead of looking into a bigger label, go small. Smaller companies are accessible, care about your success, actively help you advance your goals, they tend towards affordability and beat larger companies in a big way when it comes to authenticity.

1. Accessibility: Small businesses are famously more accessible. Ever try to call a big business to fix a problem? Yeah? Did they have nice hold music? Because we all know you were on hold until you lost patience. And that's why sometimes, just picking a smaller business from the start is the better option. Want to speak to a real person, or actually have your problem heard--or better yet--fixed (gasp!)? Great, choose a small business.

2. Success: Small businesses take your success seriously. For two reasons, most obviously--if you lose, they lose. No one wants a lose-lose situation. But more importantly, you are real to them. You and your business and your clients--all real. They see and hear and know you. You're not a number or a somebody on a data sheet. You and your needs are known and respected. Some of the best and strongest business relationships are built this way.

3. Goals: Your goals matter to you, but do they matter to anyone else? Probably not. Unless you work with a small boutique B2B, wherein you and your goals are King, Queen and Emperor supreme. Again, small businesses are all about human relationships, and propelling their clients forward. So if you would like to be really, actually heard, go small.

4. Affordability: "Small means expensive." Actually, no, it doesn't. This is a common misconception, and not at all the general rule. Many times smaller businesses are much more fairly priced, and are much more able to give discounts or cut deals to loyal customers. Think of it like Lowes versus your local hardware store, but the local folks offer more help and in the elearning world, can offer services at a lower price.

5. Authenticity: You can't beat a small business when it comes to authenticity. There are often no sales people in smaller B2B's; just experienced professionals who are passionate about using their experience and skills to benefit their clients. If you want someone to be "real" with you, go small.

Here at Elearning Experts, our team strives to embody each and every one of these benefits, and more. We are passionate about providing a personal, efficient, affordable and results-driven service. Your success is our success, your goals are our goals. We love serving in our elearning communities and beyond!

Need help with your LMS and or course content creation goals?

Contact Elearning Experts for some affordable, authentic and awesome help. We'd be excited to hear from you!

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