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Empty Chairs and Empty Tables...Alone Again

"My friends, my friends! Don't ask me, what your sacrifice was for, empty chairs and empty tables, where OUR STUDENTS will sit no more..."

An Ode for Teaching professionals everywhere. Courtesy of Marius Pontmercy, Victor Hugo Alain Boublil Jean-Marc Natel and yours truly the Elearning Experts team who really love Les Mis and really hate COVID-19.

Les Mis anyone? Yeah, we see you (you have great taste by the way...). We hear your "ringing voices" of heartache and discontentment over the most recent COVID-19 surges and regressions in the little progress that had been made.

Please enjoy the following spin on a song most recently made popular by the beautiful Eddie Redmayne himself, "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables".

"There's a grief that can't be spoken, There's a pain goes on and on. Empty chairs at empty tables, Now my friends are social-distancing and gone.

Here they talked of schools resuming, Here it was they all wore face-masks, Here they used sanitizer and disinfectants and the students never came.

From the classroom in the corner, They could see a (COVID-less) world reborn, And they rose with muffled voices ringing (because, hey ya' can't sing with masks now can ya'), And I can nearly hear them now (again, because of the masks...) The very words that they tried to sing (you get it right...) Became their last in-classroom communication On this lonely quarantine, at dawn (or any time really because hey, we're home again).

Oh my teacher friends, my teacher friends forgive me That I did not learn Moodle when you tried to teach me, There's a grief that can't be spoken (AGAIN, because of the masks), And there's a pain goes on and on (because of the sanitizer in your paper cuts)

Irritated faces in the Zoom meeting window, exhausted shadows in their eyes, Empty chairs at empty tables where our students will meet no more. Oh my teacher friends, my teacher friends don't ask me What your sacrifice to teach me Moodle months ago was for Empty chairs at empty tables Where our students will meet no more (because we're all at home again, AGAIN)."

So, ahh...Anyone wanna help me with this Moodle course?


Professor Pontmercy

Don't be that teacher (C'mone Marius). Sign up for the Elearning Experts free Learn Moodle course to get yourself up-to-date on the Moodle course happenings and basics.

But really, we hear all of the frustration and pain of big feelings from the eLearning, and Learning communities at large, and we at Elearning Experts just want to say- hang in there. You are amazing and you've got this. YOU. CAN. DO. IT. You can do it and you will do it and there is no dang virus that's gonna stop you from singing your educational song to the world.

If you need help, we are right there. Or right here. We can be there for you, or we can be here for you. We're pretty flexible (thank you yoga). Seriously, it is our job to make your job easier, so that you can actually do your job. No there's an idea.

Check out the Elearning Experts website for more info, leave a comment here, or interact with us on IG/LinkedIn or Twitter.



Can't wait to hear from ya, M'kay...Bye

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