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Gamification in our daily lives

Do you remember when you completed your social media profile to get the ‘completion bar’ to 100%, or when you gathered points at a supermarket to receive a gift card? Also, when you were rewarded with a free drink after a number of purchases at a coffee shop? All these are examples of gamification in our lives.

Gamification is currently transforming the way companies and educators build experiences and drive participation, engagement, and loyalty. It does so by leveraging the internal desires that exist in all of us for achievement, feedback, competition, community, and rewards.

Through gamification, L&D teams are able to quicken the learning process. Learners tend to achieve learning outcomes more effectively through an engaging journey rather than a traditional training approach. An efficient gamification strategy offers higher completion rates as well as improved recall and retention. It can also be used to successfully help learners enhance the application of learning on the job as well as help them upskill.

Gamification is turning a task into a game in order to motivate yourself to do it. The beauty of gamification is that the difficulty of a task (or how dreary it may seem) can be offset if you feel rewarded for completing it.

It triggers emotions that are linked to positive user experiences and creates a learning environment of reward for effort. Gamification motivates learners to get involved, stay motivated, and retain outcomes much longer.

It works because it creates a feeling of being rewarded each time we complete a task -- however small it may be. It makes our progress feel tangible, and this spurs us to keep pushing. Whether you realize it or not, you’re probably already using some form of gamification in your life.

Here at Elearning Experts, our team strives to embody each and every one of these benefits, and more. We are passionate about providing a personal, efficient, affordable and results-driven service. Your success is our success, your goals are our goals. We love serving in our elearning communities and beyond!

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