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Interactive Activity Brings Out The fun In eLearning!

As eLearning companies, our goal is to engage and inspire learners, in order to have enhanced learning outcomes. We only succeed when we motivate our audience to learn, interactivity has been proven to improve attention and activate long term memory.

Every experience causes reactions; powerful stories and provocative questions create rational notes and allow us to immerse these notes deeply in our minds. Interactive activities engage learners in the learning process by directing their attention to the eLearning content, resulting in better learning outcomes.

Interactive activities create curiosity, and curiosity leads to better retention. Multimedia elements, scenario-based cases, even achievement awards, have the power to transform the dullest eLearning course into an engaging, emotionally driven and most importantly, memorable eLearning experience.

The power of motivation is a seriously important tool. Making fun interactive scenarios, and games motivate the learners to participate more willingly in the eLearning process. By setting goals and tasks this teaches the learner to actually stop and think instead of simply clicking the next button.

When it comes to eLearning interactivity in mobile learning you want to enable your audience to participate in your eLearning course anytime, anywhere. Learners are more likely to be motivated to fit the eLearning course experience into their busy schedules if they have it at their fingertips at all times.

Finally, by creating an open and interactive learning experience you are encouraging your learners to put their learning to use while thinking, exploring and evaluating the outcomes based on their decisions and you will be able to offer them an effective, compelling experience that has greater potential to be retained.

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