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Elearning Experts' New Partner!

The Elearning Experts team is excited to announce a new addition to the Elearning family. No, we haven't added another team fur baby (although, that would be flipping amazing...sorry. No dice.)

We have however, added a partnership with an incredibly talented team of analytic wizards, in the form of LearnerScript. Like we said, the team, the tool. Basically legendary.

More important than their legendary status however, is the efficiency and usability of the tool itself. LearnerScript is a multi-dimensional tool. It comes as a "download and ready to go" tool, but also has an incredible customization capability.

What should you be excited about?

Let's take a look:

  • Built for Moodle

  • Data secure

  • Responsive

  • You own the source code

  • One time purchase

  • Multiple DB compatibility

  • Comes with 4 admin dashboards set-up

  • 80 ready to-go pre-configured

  • Graphs and charts available to measure

  • Readily available actionable insights

  • Add a custom dashboard to suit your requirement

  • Add a custom Moodle reporting dashboard

  • Configure new reports widgets and tiles to customize to your needs

  • Change color scheme to personalize for your brand

Why should you be excited about this partnership? It means that not only will you have all the power and capabilities of Moodle, along with the expertise of Elearning Experts, but you will also have the in-depth and extensive reporting capabilities of LearnerScript.

Want to know more? Check out LearnerScript's website for more details!

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