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What LMS Users Can Learn from Microlearning

Sometimes innovations come and go, other times they come and stay. MicroLearning is one of the latter. It has come, and it is going to stay. And surprise, you've been using it this entire time.

Read on to find out what exactly MicroLearning is, how it is changing the e-learning game, and how will it benefit your LMS users (because, it absolutely can and will benefit them).

What is MicroLearning?

According to eLearning Industry, MicroLearning is "an approach to training characterized by brief learning modules comprising bite-sized learning activities delivered over mobile devices and designed for quick consumption. They are built in chunks, between three and ten minutes long — short enough to keep a learner’s attention focused from beginning to end. And they are served up just in time at the point of contact — exactly when and where they are needed."

MicroLearning is set up into chunks, created of mini learning cycles wherein a new topic is introduced, you practice and are rewarded all in the span of a few minutes. The average attention span has reportedly decreased from 12 seconds to 8.

Thanks for that Social Media, society at large is so terribly grateful.

Your takeaway:

MicroLearning means small bits of learning created for quick and efficient "consumption", while also being optimally engaging. Modern learners want and need easy to comprehend chunks of maximally efficient information in a visually attractive and engaging format.

How is MicroLearning changing e-learning?

E-learning is transitioning in a big way. Again. The increased capability of the internet brought innovations to distance learning in the early 2000's, and again in the mid 2000's with the increased development of LMS in education technology.

Recently, MicroLearning is the latest push forward in the educational tech and design world, and it represents a major shift in consumer needs and habits.

Social media has completely changed the way the average learner consumes information.

We are now accustomed to small and exciting bits of visually and informationally interesting and engaging material. Which usually includes some sort of instant feedback (we're big fans of instant-gratification these days).

Your takeaway:

Whether you like it or not, learners need more than just high-quality information. They want it in beautiful, fun, bite-sized, rewarding bits. Sounds intimidating right? Fear not, read on to discover how to apply the basic principles of MicroLearning to your LMS system.

How will MicroLearning Benefit Your Learners?

While MicroLearning might be a relatively new term in your vocabulary, it is likely not at all a new experience for your neurological processing systems. We take in countless instances of MicroLearning daily, from using Google search to reading email or consuming web and social media content.

We are constantly, and typically unwittingly, exposed to the growing phenomenon that is MicroLearning.

Why? Because it works.

Our brains are designed to take in small bits of new information. The new and novel information creates a dopamine reaction in our brains, which tells us "yay, that was awesome, give me more", enter another Micro chunk and the literal learning-high continues.

Due to this decreased attention span it is imperative for educators, employers and businesses alike to figure out how to implement MicroLearning concepts into learning systems and communication strategies.

So, how to implement MicroLearning for your learners?

You could go with the gamification route, making your info-bits game-like, you could go the social media post route, making each bit of information scannable, with lot's of white space, summaries of important info and mini 2-5 question retention quizzes.

You could create interactive mini-presentations, or even could just create basic content in miniature bites, with the key information given in small cycles of "learn, practice, test, reward/feedback."

Your Takeaway:

No matter what you decide to do, or how you decide to do it, implementing MicroLearning into your communication or instructional strategies is going to be a vital part of that strategy's ultimate success moving forward.

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