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We’re glad you’re here!  Are you looking for a trusted partner to help you with Moodle?  Are you tired of being just one more account getting services from a company more interested in sales than in service?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  While Elearning Experts has unparalleled Moodle talent, our strength is in our relationships with our clients.  If you’re looking for high tech with a big focus on human touch, we’ve got what you need.

How can you tell if we might be a good fit for you?  Our clients are often:
New to the LMS World

You’re totally new to the world of learning management systems.


You recently joined the e-learning world - possibly as a Department of One (that one being you).  

You’re a start-up:  You’ll be big one day and outgrow us, but we have exactly what you need right now.

Budget Conscious

You’re working on a tight budget.

You want to free up learning dollars for content rather than the tool to deliver it.

You need a high level of control over what you have to pay for and what you can do for yourself.

An Experienced Team

You’re already an LMS expert, but want to stop being in the LMS hosting business and need “Safety Net Support”.

You realize that when you alter core code, you now own your own LMS and that’s not your plan.

You realize there is no unlimited anything in the world of technology no matter who is promising it.

In need of serious scalability

You need your learning management system to run 99.9% of the time or better and scale for additional users and storage as you need it.  You need an Enterprise class architecture no matter how large your actual site is.  Your organization can't afford to trust cut-rate hosting providers to give you the behind-the-scenes power that you can get from a dedicated LMS company.

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